About Rania

I started "doing UX" in 2015, when designers were a luxury and user research was a lucky afterthought. Since then, I've watched UX rise in importance as organizations see the value that user empathy generates. I use this empathy to center the user in all of my work, advocating to make their experience easier and the product more valuable to them.

I practice both UX design and writing. These disciplines share the goal of bringing a specific audience to an intuitive understanding of an idea. This necessitates audience empathy, which I foster through active, ongoing listening and user research. I read voraciously about our contemporary communication environment and interpersonal psychology, and I’m an active member of Empathy Lab and the Atlanta chapter of Ladies that UX.

On the weekends, I'm birdwatching, rock climbing, and learning basic Japanese.
​I'm most interested in projects that involve communication, social connections, and peer-to-peer interactions.

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